Thank you IPP TK for your kind words of encouragement and promise of support to my team and I.  I actually look forward to utilizing all the support I can get from our Past Presidents in order to succeed. 

Thank you to fellow Rotarians for the confidence in handing over your club to our care for one year.

Each year, Rotary has a theme; last year’s theme was “Rotary Connects the world” and it afforded us tremendous guidelines in taking advantage of our rotary enabled connections to do “good” and serve humanity.

This year’s theme is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”, WOW!! What an endless array of good fortune, freedom and possibilities of a fighting chance to eradicate polio and be of service to our communities.

We (the rotary club of Accra Labone) have always been labelled as a loud club! We have noted this in kind and guarantee that we are still going to be loud, however this time we are channeling this asset in our efforts to improving on arriving on time and adhering to meeting protocols. 

We will be carrying this loud attitude to projects sites and assemblies as we embark on more impactful projects and fundraising activities, frequently visiting myrotarycentral to acquire more rotary knowledge, increasing our contribution efforts and budget to The Rotary Foundation as well as a very loud RoCAL participation in Taipei, Taiwan at the RI Convention!!

wish to therefore kindly declare today that the Rotary Club of Accra Labone is a “Serious Loud Club”.

This year we plan to undertake the following projects

    • Refurbishment of the Nsawam Children’s Ward (which has been our adopted ward in the last number of years). We will be providing Maternal/ward beds, some air conditioners, undertake structural renovations and painting, some fumigation exercises, provision of basic hospital equipment, furniture for the medical staff etc.)

·       Sanitary Pad Donation (to the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital)

·       Undertake a joint project on Health with other Rotary clubs


COVID 19 obviously has tied our hands proverbially, but we assure the Rotary community that we plan to host you this year in our fundraising efforts for the The Rotary Foundation; therefore, please save the dates for the following
notable activities.

  •  26th of September 2020 for an all-inclusive breakfast
  •   5th December 2020 for a beach fest
  •  5th March 2021 for a night of boogying 

Watch out for a fully packed week-long 20th Anniversary celebration activities between the 20th and 30th of June 2021.

Kindly be reminded that all of these activities will be planned with the strictest adherence to personal protection.

On behalf of the members of the club, I would like to thank the new board members for accepting the various roles assigned to you and wish you the very best of luck and success in the new year as the Rotary club of Accra Labone takes advantage of the opened opportunities within our local community and internationally.

Fellow Rotarians and guests, this year promises to be more challenging, but we are poised to be stronger.  This year especially will test the strength of our imagination, the depth of our knowledge, the bond of our friendships and our commitment to achieving our rotary goals.  With teamwork, dedication, passion and our eyes on the ball, we shall celebrate a year from today the collective successes of our achievement as we hand over to PE Emmanuel and his team in 2021/2022.

Vivre le Rotary